Tachograph Comparison Tool

How does your tachograph compare to the new SE5000 Exakt?

The new SE5000 Exakt has been designed to account for the one minute rule. This allows for a more accurate calculation of driving time, giving drivers on average 45 minutes extra driving time per day.

Could you be driving 45 minutes more per day?

The SE5000 Exakt has already helped thousands of Europe’s hauliers gain over 7,000 driving hours in total. But don’t just take our word for it. This comparison tool lets you make a quick and easy comparison between your current tacho and the SE5000 Exakt.

Upload your data to find out…

You can use the form below to upload your own VU data file to calculate precisely how much driving time you could gain, by upgrading to the SE5000 Exakt.

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